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Bruce Pennington - The Big Sun of Mercury, 1974.

Exposed Cranium Nebula
The Exposed Cranium Nebula, PMR 1, is a planetary nebula located about 5,000 light years away towards the constellation Vela. At its center lies a massive, dying star that is quickly losing mass and falling apart. The red in this image shows the ionized gas in the center of the nebula, while the green shell shows the cooler, glowing hydrogen molecules.
Planetary nebula form when stars begin to die. After expanding into a red giant, a star will collapse into a white dwarf star, emitting its outer layers of material. This material enshrouds the star, often in spheres though other more interesting shapes are also prevalent, and slowly disperses as gravitational interactions strip the material away.
Image and information from Spitzer, additional information from NASA.

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Went to the Vegas Star Trek convention and had David Warner sign this lobby card from Time Bandits (1981). He seemed happy to see it. I heard him say “Oh… This is nice.” Under his breath when he saw it and he gave me a nice big smile after signing!


Tentacles (1977), Japanese Movie Poster